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With the advent of 3G and faster data speeds, the reliance of users upon Wi-Fi might have diminished slightly, but a vast majority of apps that require internet connectivity are still predominantly run on Wi-Fi. An iPhone isn’t exactly useless without internet, but it isn’t too awesome, either. There are a lot of iOS apps that need a good internet connection in order to function properly, and some of them won’t even start if you are not connected. Look at the Facebook app for instance. You can launch it without a data connection, but it won’t do any good and you will not be able to see anything inside the app. For such apps, the new Cydia tweak named (rather dramatically) Thor is the perfect thing to have on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad. The tweak lets you define a set of apps, and whenever any of the chosen apps is launched, your Wi-Fi connection will be switched on automatically.

Thor Cydia  Thor

Thor is not perfect – actually, far from it. The tweak does not list all the apps installed on your device as you would expect. There is a predefined list of apps (both stock and third-party) in Thor settings, and you just have to toggle any of them on and the tweak will enable Wi-Fi whenever those apps are launched. So which apps are listed by Thor? Mostly those that don’t function without an active internet connection, and here is a complete list of all the supported apps.

  1. WifiFoFum: For some reason, the popular Wi-Fi scanning app is the first to be listed by Thor.
  2. App Store: If you enable Thor for App Store, there will be the usual Cellular Data is turned off message before Wi-Fi comes on.
  3. Cydia: The Cydia option suffers the same limitation as the App Store one.
  4. Safari
  5. YouTube
  6. BuddyRush
  7. Dragon Dictation
  8. Facebook
  9. iNet
  10. Dragon Search
  11. Skype
  12. TweetBot

These are all the apps that are currently supported by Thor, and we have to say that the list appears to consist of all the favorite apps of the developer rather than those that are actually used by most people. Having said that, Thor is still better than having no such option at all, and we hope that future updates of the tweak will make it more useful by expand the Thor menu in the stock Settings app.

Thor is a free tweak, and you can grab it by heading to the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store.

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