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The stock Music app in iPhone and iPad is something that Apple has got absolutely right. It does not have too many options, which helps in keeping things elegant and simple, and on the other hand, it has all the features that are enough to ensure that most users don’t need any third-party app to play their favorite songs. Music controls are pretty thorough too, and users aren’t restricted to the in-app controls to navigate between tracks, thanks to the presence of these controls on the lockscreen and in the App Switcher tray (not to mention the earphone buttons). Now Playing for Notification Center is a tweak that provides users with yet another option to control their music, adding some pretty cool options of its own to the mix as well. Via this Notification Center widget, you can change tracks, rewind, forward, pause or play them, and there is also the Twitter button in the tweak, using which you will be able to scrobble your music with a single touch.

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In addition to all its usefulness, the Now Playing widget is pretty good to look at, as well. While a song is being played, the widget shows its album art, along with the name of the track, singer and album. One of the best things about Now Playing is its compatibility with all apps that are capable of playing audio in the background. This means that if you are using a third-party app to listen to songs rather the stock Music one, the widget will still work and all the controls and display options remain unchanged in this case.

While the first view of the widget is there just for cosmetic purposes, you can get to the control and sharing menu by swiping to the left. There are three control buttons available in Now Playing.

  • Rewind/ Previous
  • Play/ Pause
  • Forward/ Next

The sharing buttons are located to the right of these controls. Although there are two sharing buttons in the Now Playing widget, only the Twitter one is functional. Hitting the Facebook button brings up a prompt claiming that Facebook support will be added after the release of iOS 6. The tweeting button in iOS 6 prepares a full tweet for you, including song details and the tweak’s own “sent from” signature, and you just have to hit the Send button to share the update on your Twitter timeline.

Now Playing for Notification Center is optimized for both iPhone and iPad. The widget is compatible with Dashboard X, and you can grab it from the BigBoss repo for free. Don’t forget to manually enable Now Playing from the Notifications menu in the stock Settings app after installing it.

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