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For everyone interested in resource optimization when dealing with multi-tasked problem solving both indoors and outdoors, Paymo is a fairly useful and powerful application that is available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android, which enables you to achieve the collective goals of project management, time tracking and online invoicing with a few clicks. The activity track can be shared for the relevant office-bearers via RSS feeds, while documents can be uploaded through the file storage provided with the account. Now, your data can easily be synchronized automatically, on the go. With feature-rich tools, Paymo Plus manages simultaneous tasks using a simple time tracking technique. Its desktop widget records timer-based task-specific information, while Paymo’s Android and iPhone apps allow you to take note of time utilization during and between meetings. So, if you’re a freelancer, convincing your employer of your hard work coupled with activity-based charging. The task set-rate and application usage then become an accurate basis for online invoicing through Paymo’s built-in Invoice and app usage features.

This utility requires you to sign up, first and foremost. Don’t worry, your Google account can instantly be linked to the new account. These login details are then used on all supported platforms. By signing in to the official website, you are welcomed by the list of projects, updates, project status, to-do lists as well as invoice status. From this online interface, managing both clients and employees becomes effective.

Paymo: Cross-Platform Solution For App Usage Tracking Billing

The dashboard is organized into multiple segments where the graphical overview illustrates the work activity with respect to dates, company performance and statistics coupled with recent activity and feeds. The milestones tab reminds you of the planned team goals and distribution. The My Timesheet tab shows your contributions to the overall good of the project. My Task and Timer tabs enable you to record specific durations with respect to critical tasks being carried out, personally. The Clients and Users tabs allow you to manage and contact your employee base as well as the external contact base for better visualization and organization of strategies coupled with progress on each front. The support for online invoicing makes this application self-sufficient from project planning to completion.

Paymo: Cross-Platform Solution For App Usage Tracking Billing

Paymo Plus lets you monitor activities with reference to multiple critical tasks, in a resourceful interface, providing easy access to time tracking as well as a calendar and rule specification. Tasks can easily be added and refreshed as per requirement.

Paymo Plus Time Management

Moreover, the Paymo Desktop widget pops up from the system tray upon click, allowing you to create new tasks.

Paymo Widget creating new task

Another distinguishing feature is the support for rule-specification that applies effectively on custom defined tasks for the relevant time periods in a project.

New Rule

When you shutdown your system and start travelling for meetings or events, Paymo accompanies you through its free Smartphone apps following the same procedure in achieving time tracking and management, which automatically updates to your account for later access from your office. On your Smartphone, you can easily access the timer, dates and settings for time-tracking.

Paymo Android Login  Paymo Android Timer

A new project or a task can be added by tapping the ‘+’ buttons in the Timer tab. The settings tab shows the account details and basic application interface options.

Paymo Android adding a project  Paymo Android Add task

Paymo basic and premium packages are available on cost with enhanced features and storage capacity. We tested the free version on Windows 7, 64-bit edition, while it is fully compatible with iOS, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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