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The process of finding good jobs in just about any industry is, for the most part, a really painful experience. Searching is a mess, and most services that claim to do this well are fostering such awful overall experiences that it’s difficult to tell whether they’re actually dishing out any useful information or not. We recently covered an extension for Chrome users to find ‘millions of jobs from thousands of company websites, job boards and newspapers’ (as the developers claim, anyway). However, the fact remains that one of practically the best ways to find work these days is by utilizing your connections. Talking to the people you know and reaching out to your personal network is much more effective than aimlessly submitting resumes to faceless HR databases, and WorkFu, a web app, is a new job search service that makes use of your personal social connections in an efficient way to help you find work and connect you directly to the person who’s hiring.

WorkFu is in beta, but you can easily sign in with your Twitter account. Once you’re in, you’ll have to set up your professional profile before you can see the opportunities the site has. WorkFu extracts information from your Twitter account, so don’t forget to change the details if they’re not the most professional. After all, you have to ensure every detail is as accurate as possible, because they could affect your chances of landing a new job.


Next comes the core aspect to your profile, which is defining keywords that are associated with you and your expertise, interests and skill-set. The service assigns you a set of keywords that describe you and the types of jobs you’re looking for. Some suggestions will be made for you, while you can add any that you don’t see available. The interface for adding keywords is really simple, allowing you to add up to fifty different ones. Double-check your tags, and make sure you’ve added good ones and removed any that don’t fit you, because the tags are how hiring managers will find your profile, and how WorkFu judges your compatibility for a job opening. Since these will be the means for potential employers to find your profile, they need to be accurate.


You can even add other networks to your profile. Connecting to your other networks is very easy, and the list of available connection options seems quite large. Job search, however, is done only on basis of details pulled from Twitter).


A sort of unexpected, yet still pretty cool feature of WorkFu is the ability to maintain a reading list. It is just another way for potential employers or co-workers to get a better sense of who you are.

That’s it. You’re ready to explore Opportunities now by clicking the option at top of the page. They’ll be organized by “Fu Score”, a metric that shows you how well you match the position and how close you are to the hiring manager’s personal network. It is comprised of keyword relevance combined with your connections within Twitter. The aim is to give you, the job searcher, some insight into the best opportunities for you based on what you defined as who you are, as well as who your friends are. The web app also allows you to filter results by selecting job type, work timings and location.


Each opportunity listing has a profile page quite similar to an individual profile page, except that this time, the business and position is being explained. You can also see some other similar opportunities being offered. That’s not just it; you can share the job opportunity with your friends through Facebook and Twitter, too. The service allows you to essentially apply for a position with one click. A pre-populated message has been created for you (which you can customize if you want), and all you have to do is press the large green button to send off the message and officially apply for the opportunity.


The application allows you to take full control over notifications as well. Not only can you adjust your e-mail update frequency, you can also manage the settings and preferences in a really simple manner.

On the flip side of this entire process is the person or business looking for talent. WorkFu also equips employers with the ability to post opportunities and communicate with their applicants.

WorkFu is a website that will harness the power of your connections to help you out. With an elegant interface and simple process utilization, it certainly aims to grab attention of everyone, no matter what industry they belong to. Right now, only Twitter is covered, but if the developers follow the path of similar services, you’ll probably see more social networking choices in the future. It invites all professionals and employers to join its network for free, which is an excellent way to convince more professionals and companies to try WorkFu.

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