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It’s nearly impossible in this day and age not to know about Facebook. Facebook is a social network that started out strictly for college students, and was available by invitation only. Now, it is a cultural phenomenon stretching across the globe. With more worldwide users than any other such platform, Facebook has taken hold as undisputed leader amongst social networking websites. The only real griping we could do concerns Facebook’s lack of customization options and privacy issues. While Facebook team has been trying their best to take care of secrecy concerns, they’ve not been completely successful in their efforts. The issue rears its head again with the recent introduction of a Facebook ‘feature’ that notifies users on chat when their sent messages have been seen by the recipient, potentially leading to many awkward situations. For Chrome users, however, this issue is not any issue any more, thanks to a new extension called Facebook Unseen. It prevents others from knowing if you have seen their message or not. Avoid clumsy and awkward moments during social interactions and take control over your privacy settings.

The extension can be easily installed from Chrome Web Store. The usual Facebook chat with “Seen” feature, allows your friends to know when you’ve read their message. The screenshot below shows how it got visible when a friend of mine just loaded the browser windows containing the message I sent him on Facebook.

Seen Feature of Facebook

With the extension enabled, however, you can protect your privacy by preventing others from knowing when you’ve seen their message. To check the feature, I installed extension and continued communicating with the same contact. As anticipated, he was unable to see that I have read his message.


You can toggle the extension’s functionality easily through the Facebook Unseen button in the Omnibar. The same panel also lets you see how many messages have been “unseen”.

Turn-On or Turn-Off_Extension

On the whole, a good light-weight extension to help Facebook users take command over privacy settings during a social interaction – something that should’ve been a part of the social network’s settings natively. You can enable or disable it whenever you like. Facebook Unseen can specifically be of use if you’re trying to ignore someone, but the person continues to irritate you by spamming your chat, or when you want to come up with an alibi (you may want to check up on your ethics before doing that, however). Do check this extension out and share your comments in section below. Oh, and don’t forget to share it with your other Facebook friends; we never know who might be in a desperate need of having it!

Install Facebook Unseen

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