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Are you looking for more resourceful ways to maximize the time you have? In our technological age, with its rapid advances in quick mass communication, information overload has become a huge problem – a bane to all computer users, from the student seeking information for an essay to the professional analyzing or cataloguing information. Part of the problem is the excess of words used to weave all the relevant facts together. Traditional levels of tolerance for long-form digital content are getting lower all the time, and many of us regularly find ourselves in situations where we have to read a huge amount of text but simply don’t have the time to take it all in. This becomes a real annoyance when relevant facts are sparingly spread throughout a rambling document. Well, that’s where Summarizer, a web-app by Connexor, comes in. It goes very far in solving these problems by creating a condensed version of any submitted original text. The app utilizes sophisticated syntactic analysis technologies to form accurate and meaningful summaries instantly.

The user interface is simple, yet intuitive and streamlined. All that is needed is an internet connection and some content, and within a few clicks, you have a concise synopsis that can be shared over Facebook, Twitter or pasted back into the editor of your choice.

Landing Page- Summarizer

The applications gives you freedom of choosing the Length of summary from three options: 140 characters, 250 characters and 500 characters.

We tried to check the usability of the software by generating summary of a few articles. The summary of one of our recently reviewed ”Roadtrippers” is given below:

Summarized- Roadtrippers

It can clearly be observed that the web application focuses on the essential text elements, which results in even more relevant summaries. The technology behind the application uses various text analyses, including syntactic analysis, morphological analysis, event detection, topic detection and sentiment detection to create more accurate results. Currently, it is available to try in public beta, and is free – even no sign-up is required.

If you keep reading for hours, you can just get overloaded with information and “lose the sight of the forest in the midst of the trees”. It would be nice to have just brief summaries of the humongous texts you are to go through, and get a clear picture of what’s in there, and, more importantly, whether or not you need it for your work. This easy-to-use application dramatically increases your productivity and efficiency by creating a concise summary of any document, so you spend considerably less time reading without missing any important information. Using sophisticated statistical and linguistic algorithms, Connexor’s Summarizer pinpoints key concepts and extracts the most relevant sentences, resulting in a summary that is a shorter, condensed version of the original text. If you don’t believe us, try it out yourselves!

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