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Pinterest has grabbed the attention of everyone recently, with its freedom to allow you to create your own mood boards full of images that represent things that you love or that interest or inspire you. Simplicity is what has helped Pinterest thrive. It is neither a place to network for future jobs nor to acquire the latest news. Pinterest is more like a virtual pinboard that allows you to pull pictures from anywhere and organize them into categories called “boards” in which other people can join, comment and repin to their walls. However, users were not able to share videos. This problem has now been solved by an online service, Pintubest; a web application that allows you to add YouTube videos to Pinterest in boards.

Landing Page-Pintubest

In order to get started, Sign in with Pinterest. You can create pinboard of ‘Videos’, or choose an existing pinboard for saving videos to.

Create Pin- Sign in with Pinterest

Pintubest presents itself as a search engine for YouTube videos. Explore the gallery with videos of your choice, go for the option of Pin It, and you can easily find it on Pinterest. The application allows you to even tweet your pin or share it over Facebook, if you choose to link these with Pinterest. From the application, you can also play a video without leaving the site. The videos found are displayed in large thumbnails, which limits the number of videos that can be seen at one time. However, additional results can be pulled by clicking the button Keep going down the screen.

Search Videos and Pin them

The collection of pinned videos can be seen on your Pinterest profile, on your chosen pinboard.

Pintubest at Pinterest

You can not only edit the options of board, but can also can add another user with the rights to pin videos to your board.

Edit Pintubest

Overall, a decent application to allow sharing of videos. Photography and videography are complimentary to each other and capture completely different elements. Photography is static and fragmented, while videos provide a much comprehensive record of your interests. Different boards depicting different categories can be made, and videos can help to cover the interest or domain in a detailed way of capturing sounds, movements and emotions. So, if you are a Pinterest user, this is just the right application for you to check out.

Visit Pintubest

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