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There’s so much happening around us that sooner or later, you’ll get overwhelmed by the flurry of activity in the world unless it is presented to you in a compact and organized manner. In the past, we have previously covered some exciting news aggregators and tickers like retickr for Mac or Feedly for Windows. Today, Newzie caught our attention owing to its comprehensive feature set. Generally, news aggregators extract updates from multiple RSS feeds and display them either in a standalone or integrated mode in a way that delivers the most to users in the minimum possible time. What if you want to monitor specific strings of updates on defined websites having no RSS feeds? Most news aggregators would look the other way, while Newzie confidently provides you with virtual channels, word watchdogs, bulk channels and timelined highlights to ensure a unique awareness experience. In addition, you can import/export feeds from popular readers like Google Reader using OPML files.

News feeds from multiple sources can easily be added to the application using the Add button, which also provides a drop down menu to select multiple methods of adding RSS feeds.

Newzie welcome full

The News Feed option is available for those websites that offer RSS feeds, whereas the New Virtual Channel option allows you to create a personal feed based on filters specified.

newzie virtual channel

In cases you want to manage a large number of feeds, the left sidebar may become excessively cluttered, but you can quickly remove all unnecessary feeds using the Post Sweeper option. The bulk channel combines multiple smaller feeds to provide a more comprehensive update stream. If you want to monitor the web, based on custom keywords of your interest, just select the New Word Watchdog feature that enables tracking updates with reference to user-specified words. Choosing the Add WebPage option lets you easily specify update indicators of webpage such as occurrence of specific words, new links, images and text segments.

Newzie Adding a new webpage to monitor

The support for OPML files allows you to import feeds reader’s data from external sources like Google Reader to Newzie.

newzie opml

While this application automatically synchronizes all the feeds,  it also provides you with the flexibility to manually Synchronize the news sources. Finally, the viewing mode can be changed from the Full view mode to either the Today Panel mode or the News bar mode from the small buttons, present next to the search bar.

Newzie: News Reader That Works For Websites Without RSS Feeds


The Today Panel fits well into the desktop environment, and shows all feeds in an organized manner. When you hover the mouse pointer over a specific news item, it shows you the source link along with headline details.

Newzie: News Reader That Works For Websites Without RSS Feeds


A stylish graphical interface for news aggregators adds the interest level for the readers, but usually bogs down the system. So, with this tradeoff in mind, we recommend this application for all news enthusiasts. We tested Newzie on Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit edition. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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