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In today’s fast-paced information-centric world, creating and organizing links to important files, folders and frequently visited websites is becoming more and more tedious. Often, our desktops get filled with static icons that point to relevant paths of files and programs. You!Symlink is an application for Windows, designed to take the desktop environment to the next level by creating graphically dynamic symbolic links with scrolling texts and animated images. With the ability to add pop-up memos and the option to show all symlinks on the desktop, this application will make it easy for you to access most frequently used files and applications. Once you’ve created a symlink using this tool, you can quickly open the target location with a click.

For those who are not familiar with symbolic file linking, symlinks are more like shortcuts pointing to a specified location. Unlike Windows shortcut, a symbolic link doesn’t take disk space, and they register themselves on the file system, and hence are not a new entity, but mere pointers that can be easily deleted when their need is exhausted. It can be created manually either by using the mklink command in Windows CMD or automatically by using tools like previously featured symlinker. You!Symlink, on the other hand, provides desktop icons that boast scrolling texts, animated images and memo pop-ups to graphically differentiate them from other desktop icons.


To set a new symlink icon, right click the You!Symlink system tray icon to create New link. The settings window lets you  specify the pointing location type, link name, and memo support for upto 2000 characters. You can also disable the scrolling text feature by unchecking the relevant option.

yousym 1

The distinguishing feature of this application is the flexibility given to the user. If you want to modify the graphical outlook of the symlink icon, move to the View tab in the Settings window to add a custom image, change transparency, select the background, link type, style or font settings.

YouSymlink settings custom

You can right-click the symlink on the desktop to delete, hide the link and go directly to the Settings. If at any point, the links irritate you, you have the option to hide all links or from its system tray menu. This useful utility offers simple features to advanced users for linking important files, folders, URLs to the common desktop. We tested the application on Windows 7, 64-bit edition. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download You!Symlink

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