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What’s your Summer resolution? Volunteering? Immersing yourself in another culture? Or simply getting outside more? Whatever your focus is, a vacation can be the perfect time to fulfil your promises to yourself. Whether it’s helping others, understanding local cultures, or exploring the natural splendor of a rich ecosystem, your next journey could be the life-changing experience you’ve been looking for. However, to make this experience more memorable, you need to plan your road-trip in an efficient manner. This is where Roadtrippers, a web application, can help. This service lets you create a basic route with directions for your trip using Google Maps. The distinctive feature of this app is that you can find everything from eccentric roadside attractions like parks, beaches and other roadside attractions, along with accommodations within a set distance from your route (up to 50 miles).

Roadtrippers is an online service that can of be of great use in planning an unforgettable road trip. The service requires an account, which can easily be created with just your email address. The application comes with two types of views, Map and Hybrid, in order to locate places and browse through Google Maps. Map view sports the traditional street view.


The Hybrid view, on the other hand, shows satellite imagery with street names (again, similar to what you’d expect from Google’s mapping service).


To get started, input a starting point and destination, and up pops a route. What’s different are the pieces of information that can be laid atop the map, and the route it takes along major roadways instead of highways. You can even add a Waypoint if you wish to stop by any place during your journey. To help you with budget planning, Roadtrippers is proficient in providing you with an estimate of how much you’re likely to pay for fuel on your trip.


That’s not just it. The application comes with almost 20,000 attractions, services and accommodations to make your trip noteworthy. Roadtrippers lets you search for accommodations, entertainment options, family-friendly attractions, historical places, shopping, food and drink along you way. Furthermore, it narrows down those categories to diners, five-star restaurants, lakes, bed and breakfasts, antiques shopping, battlefields, monuments, museums and more. You can explore the options on your route by clicking Find Places.


With the versatility of options, it also allows you to quickly add any place to your travel directions, or to your bucket list.

Add to Bucket List- Add to Trip

More Info is available for each place, letting you explore it in detail.

Info of Point

Roadtrippers takes great care to deliver unique venues to make your trip a significant one. Search directly along the route, or up to 50 miles off of it, as per your preference. For the time being, though, you can’t save trips and edit them later, but the developers plan to add this feature later. You can, however, share your plans on Twitter and Facebook.

Google Maps are utilized by various other apps too, like Mapquest; however, none of them comes with the additional facility of finding cool things along your route. Roadtrippers centralizes discovery, planning, and booking into one beautifully designed experience, making it easier than ever to create and share epic tips or ‘bucket lists’ of must-see places. Do give it a try, and share your experience (or even trips) with us in the comments below.

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