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Browser extensions come in all flavors and sizes, and may range between simple ones that provide entertainment and music streaming to complex project management tools and code editors. JustEdit is one Chrome extension that gives a full-fledged code editor right within the browser, fully equipped for different markup and scripting languages. It allows you to write JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS, and execute the code right away. The extension is backed up by jsdo, it’s parent platform.

Usually, code-editors are part of a software that is not only hefty in installation size, but also bogs down the system’s performance. Supplement that with the usually-handsome price tag that these application’s come with, and you get a pretty solid deal-breaker, at least for the casual coder. JustEdit, on the other hand, is a coding platform with an online editor, which allows users to write and share visually appealing HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. After installing the extension to Chrome, you can instantly begin writing your code.

Landing Page- JustEdit

Clicking Finish Editing on top of the interface will lead you to an options window, asking for the primary tag for the code snippet. Available options include Application, User Interface, CSS, Art & Design, and various others.


If you’re using JustEdit extension for the first time, clicking save will ask you to log in from any of Google, Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo accounts, or through any OpenID (WordPress, BlogSpot etc) account. That’s it, you’re then ready to view the output of your written code. Not satisfied with the output? You can make changes using the Edit option.


The application comes with the distinctive feature of forking, i.e., one can view and fork other users’ codes (Forking happens when developers take a copy of source code and start independent development on it, creating a distinct piece of software). It also allows users to rank the code. You can share the code or can download it simply in a ZIP file. View is the count of number of views, while clicking Full Screen will allow you to view the executed code in the form of a web page. The extension also comes with a preview option for smartphones.



You can follow other JustEdit users, too, in order to remain updated with their activities.

JustEdit, in short, is a good extension for programmers and coders to make their work not only easy, but also to share their work. So, whether you’re a casual coder or a serious developer, do give this extension a try. Oh, and don’t forget to share your experience and views with us in comments below.

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