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Are you a Facebook user and simultaneously an Instagram fan? Then you may not wish to miss the union of Facebook and Instagram through a web app, Insta-Cover. It’s an application that amalgamates your Instagram collection with Facebook through the latter’s Timeline cover photo. The web app allows you to pick Instagram snaps and transform them into a vintage collage for your Facebook profile cover. Since you are already going for full customization and eye-grabbing images anyway, why not go for something that will really stand out? This online service gives you a truly personalized cover-photo.

The new Facebook Timeline has gotten the attention of countless users from all across the world for various reasons. On one hand, some people loved the new layout, while others dreaded having to switch to the new look without being given the option of retaining the old. There are, of course, those who simply couldn’t care less. Wherever you lie in the spectrum, it does not really matter if you want to continue using Facebook. Everyone has eventually gotten the Timeline. There is one good thing about it though; that is, the cover – one of the things that you can play around with to your heart’s liking. This is where InstaCover comes handy.

InstaCover enables you to use yours or others’ Instagram images to create a pictorial Facebook profile cover. To get started, all you have to do is sign in with your Facebook account.

After signing in, the app inquires after visibility option. You can select who you want to allow to see posts made by the app on your timeline. It also seeks permission to post on your behalf.


You can choose your own Instagram photos to make a cover out of, select those uploaded by another user (you just need their user ID), specify a category of photos to collect for the collage, or even make one from a set of tags. Once you’re done with that selection, you can tweak the appearance. Choose the image size, spacing or even add optional text to the cover, among several others.

Facebook’s cover photos are exactly 851 x 350 pixels. If you want to cram as many photos as possible, choose smaller thumbnails, and you can have 13 photos across and 5 photos down. If you want medium Instagram thumbnails, you’ll need to select 9 photos across and 4 photos down. For large thumbnails, 8 by 3 will do. You can also get playful with the image sizes, like InstaCover does with the custom settings, and enlarge one or two special images.

The following preview has been taken by choosing Custom layout. As you can see, it displays mixed sized images.


You can mess around by changing positions of images in the collage, too, employing traditional dragging for repositioning.

Final Preview

When done, save the output to your Facebook photos. The image won’t be made your profile cover directly; rather, it’ll be saved in your Facebook Photos. If it pleases you, then you can set the cover by selecting photo from your album manually. The final photograph will be with a stamp that states “Created with Instacover.com”.

Although it’s a user-friendly online service, there is one slight inconvenience: once your gorgeous collage of photos has been previewed, there’s no way to selectively remove an image or two, and have them replaced. If there are a couple of shots within the final output, you’re pretty much stuck with them (unless you choose to do it again).

The application can be of great use for online marketing, too. You may put images of not just your logo, but also the images of your products or services all at the same time.

On a final note, InstaCover is an excellent web app aimed at the casual user who’s no Photoshop expert, but want to decorate their Facebook timelines anyway. The downside is that the app doesn’t let you choose images by yourself, which might put some users off, and we urge the developers to consider adding this facility. For now, if you’re not too selective about exactly which pictures you want to appear in your Facebook cover photo, then you definitely want to head over to the website and give it a try.

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