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Have you bought a new Android device, iPad, iPhone or Windows Phone 7? Are you on the look for good apps? Then you need to check out XyoLogic, a comprehensive app discovery & search engine, arguably one of the best out there. With its cutting-edge technology, this application helps users find the best mobile apps recently released, covering five platforms (Android, iPhone, iPad, WP7 and GoogleTV) and taking data from 29 countries worldwide. It not only helps you find exactly what you’re looking for, but every search result includes a summary of user opinions about the app, hence making your choice easier.

There can be hundreds of thousands of great apps out there that you’ve never heard of and you might be missing the chance to try them out. This problem is solved by Xyologic, which makes app searching not only easier but faster too. The landing page is simple yet well-designed. It allows you to choose a platform and get started with your search.

Landing Page

The search results don’t just enlist apps matching your query but also show statistics such as country rankings, number of downloads per platform/per country, growth rates, number of paid vs. free apps published, app revenue and details regarding apps’ publishers. On the search result page, you’ll also notice a pop-up in the top-right corner showing all the latest news about the web application and its app stats updates.

Search results

Each result also includes a summary of users’ opinions and extracts from app reviews. This great feature can help you to determine how good an app is without having to take time out to download and test it. You can, of course, navigate to each app’s download page from within the search results. To top it all, it also shows similar apps.

Clicking Apps Published will lead you to a summary of apps by the publisher. Xyologic uses a different criteria for ranking applications. Unlike app store rankings, it uses raw download numbers to rank apps.

Apps Published - Evernote- Xyologic

The app store search technology gathers and analyzes large amounts of app data from across 29 countries. The app reports share interesting facts about apps and the app economy. For example, one of them implies that Android is likely to catch up with Apple, because the Android Market is showing an incredible increase over a short period of time.

Over all, Xyologic is an amazing and comprehensive tool to search apps across mobile platforms according to your requirements. Not only does it help users, it also helps developers see what kinds of apps are more desirable among users. It hopes to support app developers and publishers with this exceptional type and volume of data by providing them with information on the kind of apps that are being downloaded the most in the various markets around the globe.

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