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Multimedia converters come in all shapes and sizes, but with the wide range of portable multimedia devices available nowadays, it often becomes difficult for users to play a specific video or audio file on all devices without having to convert its format. Today, we have a multimedia converter for Windows called VideoMach, which allows you to convert between a large number of audio, video and image formats, such as AVI, WMV, MPEG, FLIC, AC3, WAC, WMA, BMP, JPEF, PNG etc. Moreover, it enables you to extract audio and video from a media file, adjust video playback speed, decompile videos to save video and audio streams in separate files, apply effects to entire video stream or specific parts, overlay text and images over the videos, and add audio to animations and videos.

You also have the option to rotate & resize videos, remove borders, adjust colors etc. The application is capable of creating videos from images, which are acquired from different sources, including high speed imagers, time-lapse photography, stop-motion animations, screenshots etc. Keep reading to find out more about VideoMach.

During installation, the setup tries to install the Babylon Toolbar. So, make sure that you uncheck the installation of the Babylon Toolbar to avoid installing unwanted software.

VideoMach Setup

Application Usage

The application offers a simple interface. At the top, you can find Files, Project, Edit, Preview, Video Filters, and Tools menus. The video is displayed in top left pane (preview for original video is in left side, whereas the preview for edited video is available on the right side), information about the video is shown in the right sidebar, while buttons to Open files, Set in/ out points, File Information, Remove From List, Save File and Show Me How are present underneath the preview pane. All files, as well as effects, added to the application are listed in the bottom panes.


The File menu has options for adding new media, saving completed videos and viewing file and frame information, Project menu deals with previously completed projects and lets you save current projects, Edit contains some basic editing functions, such as Copy, Cut Paste, and options to Duplicate Video with audio, Video only, change Speed of video, Set in/ out points etc, Preview contains options to control playback of video, while the Video Filters menu allows you to adjust colors, size, add video filters, apply overlays etc. Using the Set in/ out Points, you can apply effects to specific parts of the video.

VideoMach Video Filters

Whenever you apply a Video Filter over the video, a dialog box pops up, allowing you to configure the selected Video Filter. For instance, if you want to add time overlay over the video for time-lapse or high-speed videos, you can specify a custom text using macros of Day, Hour, Minute, Seconds, Frames, Seconds etc, choose a position of the overlayed text, adjust text font, color and alignment, and tweak Macro Parameters.

Program Manager_2012-06-14_14-48-12

Clicking the Show Me How button on the main interface opens the tutorial webpage in your default browser, which contains guides on how to perform all the major functions provided by the application, including How to convert AVI to WMV, How to Extract images and audio from a movie, How to Speed up a video, How to Record gameplay video etc.

After applying all the required Video Filters, Effects and Overlays, click Save as to tweak the output parameters. There are 3 tabs in the Save As dialog box namely Files, Video and Audio. The Files tab lets you choose the Output mode. You can also choose to split the file if the size becomes larger than a specified limit during processing. The available video formats for saving the file include, AVI, BMP, GIF, JPEG, MPEG, PNG, TGA, WEBM, WMV etc. You can also add File Comments, such as Title, Author, Copyright, Year, Category and Description.

VideoMach Save As Video

Under Video tab, in the Save As dialog box, there are options to change the resolution of the video, define a custom frame rate, keep the original number or duration of frames, select a custom color depth for the video, and define a Print Resolution. Clicking the Video Resolution option lets you change the Output Width and Height and select presets for adjusting the resolution for Widescreen (16:9) or Old TV (4:3).



  • Options are neatly grouped into separate categories.
  • Large Collection of Video Filters.
  • Ability to set effects to specific parts of the video.
  • Save video and audio streams in separate files.
  • Change video resolution and adjust colors.
  • Tutorials available for all major functions.


  • Takes a lot of time to apply conversions and effects.



VideoMach is a feature-rich multimedia converter that allows you to do a lot more than just converting videos between different formats. Features like video Filters, options to adjust resolution, colors etc., of video, and split audio/video streams make it an extremely useful utility. It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Window 8.

Download VideoMach

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