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A good photographer does not only know how to capture the right moment perfectly but also knows how to focus on the right part, whether its while capturing the image or during post-processing. But if the ‘Rule of thirds’ baffles you, then Croppola, a free, innovative batch photo-cropping web application, might just be what you are looking for. Croppola’s works on the concept “You shoot, we compose”. Using an A.I. algorithm, it analyzes the content of each image and automatically provides a suggestion for an ideal crop. The web app scans for various elements, detecting faces and other dominant objects in an image, while calculating the part that it needs to crop out. Join us after the break for further details regarding this unique concept.

You might have a great camera and you might be a great photographer, but in order to produce the right results, you need to know your way around post-processing tools as well. Now, where a lot of photography enthusiasts out there might have expensive cameras and professional software to go along with them, casual photographers are mostly always in search for easy, one-click solutions to retouch their photo albums in bulk. This is where Croppola comes in handy.

Croppola makes processing your photos simple. All you have to do is hit the Select Files to Upload button, choose the final aspect ratio of the image you’d like (you may choose standard photos in 4:3 and 3:2, movies in 16:9 and 2.35:1, and even the ultra-wide 2.67:1 Facebook Timeline cover photo), and let it get to work.

Selection Options- Croppola

You can even choose multiple files at a time for batch-processing. The app then begins to detect dominant portions in each photo, and crops to the aspect ratio you’ve selected. Within the result that it suggests for each photo, it lets you adjust the crop boundary to your taste. You can do so by simply dragging and resizing the marqueed area.

Cropped Images

Once you’re done, all your cropped photos can be downloaded as one ZIP file.

Download Cropped Images

Croppola isn’t just unique and extremely user-friendly, it is absolutely free to use and does not require an account for access. It takes all the hard work out of the process, and on top of that, comes packed with crop dimensions that can be used to ready images for social network profile pictures or cover photos.

Visit Croppola

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