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Paper money is slowly being replaced by plastic, and although that goes a long way towards resolving issues like security and ease-of-use, managing virtual bills isn’t as easy as keeping track of paper slips. Bills ~ on your table is an iPad app that brings you the best of both worlds by combining the convenience of virtual bills with the manageability of real receipts. The app allows its users to quickly define their dues, and will send them push notification whenever the time for payment arrives. As good as it might sound, the app has got even more to offer than just convenience. Bills ~on your table brings cloud syncing to the mix, and ensures that all your important financial data is available for you on the go. As the app is designed to store your bills, you can put an app-specific passcode lock on it. So, if you are swamped by new bills at the start of each month, read on to know all about this app that is sure to make your life a little easier.

Bills ~ on your table iPad

In order to use Bills ~ on your table, you will need to create a new account for the service. This feature is compulsory to make sure that your important data is synced with the app’s cloud service. Signing up for a new account just requires your email ID and a new password for the app. Once you have done that, you can start adding bill details to the app. To get started, tap the Create a new bill button located in the top right corner of the app’s main screen. You have to provide a name for each bill, and then choose its category. Bills ~ on your table has a lot of predefined categories that will have you covered for all types of bills. Just in case you can’t find an appropriate class for your bill, just file it under Others. In addition to the name and category, Bills ~ on your table also asks its users to enter the due date for the bill along with the total paid and payable amount. It is possible to make a particular bill recurring, so that you don’t have to create the same entry at the beginning of each week or month. Recurring bills can be static or dynamic, and in the case of dynamic bills, the app will automatically make you enter the new payable amount when the renewal date arrives.

Bills ~ on your table Stats Bills ~ on your table comes with customizable alerts, and you can make the app notify you of a due date’s approach a day, week or month in advance. Alert sounds can be personalized as well. The main page of the app lists 4 section. The topmost menu shows Overdue bills, the second displays today’s bills while the one after that is the alert notification area. The last tab summarizes all your bill details. Bills ~ on your table comes with a Statistics view of bills too, and you can even watch entries on the app’s own calendar.

You don’t have to worry about cloud syncing, as the app does it all by itself (although you can sync data manually as well, using the button in the top left corner). The ease of use offered by Bills ~ on your table makes it perfect of everyday use, and it just might be the best app of its genre. You can download this iPad app for free (for a limited time) by heading to the link below.

Download Bills ~ on your table

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