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The flaws in traditional educational system have been under discussion a lot lately. With the passage of time, everyone is realizing and accepting a gap in matter of understanding a classroom lecture. The gap is often bridged by materials from the library, group study sessions, private tutors and, of late, the Internet. The volume of learning resources available online is staggering and you aren’t limited by geography to gain access to it. Like every other aspect of online content, the problem isn’t the lack of resources, but discovering, storing and sharing them is. ClassConnect, a free web-based application, is focused towards helping you with the above mentioned issues, all the while assisting teachers to create and distribute content too! Teachers can also look at and share lessons posted by other teachers.

The story behind the creation of this website is an interesting one; you can read it on their about page.

Landing Page- ClassConnect

ClassConnect is a one stop shop for all your online learning needs. It makes building, organizing and sharing lessons insanely simple. It supports all types of lesson content (website links, embed codes, online videos), not just files. With it, you can swiftly find lessons in the syllabus from their public library and add your own links, online videos, Google Docs, files & more. All of your collections stay in the app until you delete them, so don’t worry about misplacing lessons from a previous semester when you are looking for a quick reference next time around.

Sharing lessons or links from the web app with students and colleagues is really simple too, and students will all be automatically notified as and when changes are made to the content. Best of all, ClassConnect is free to use with a basic account.

The user interface of the app is plain, catchy and simple. You can get started by adding files or creating a new course.


The AJAX rich experience makes using ClassConnect fun. Create as many folders as you need and drag and drop to move files into them. Talking about files, you aren’t restricted to just uploading files from your PC. The app doesn’t want to be just another dumb cloud container, and allows you to add URLs, embed codes and even Google Docs files to your collection.


Using ClassConnect, collections can be shared any way you want. You can share entire folders altogether or pick individual files. The app comes with finely-tuned sharing options. You can either share a file publicly or invite only a select few to either view or edit the file. Files shared publicly count as free storage and your quota will remain untouched.

Sharing Preferences

With a Teacher’s account, multiple courses can be created, each divided into various sections for easy organization.


The navigation menu makes uploading lesson plans and creating new files a breeze. Users only start with 1.0 GB of file space, but they won’t have to pay to get more. The web app follows Dropbox model for increasing storage. Every colleague or friend you invite that signs up for ClassConnect earns you both 500 MB of free storage, hence it encourages users to participate and collaborate.

ClassConnect gives students a virtual environment for sharing and collaborating.  Extend the walls of your classroom by making documents readily and easily available to students. Post assignments, reminders and class announcements can be made available. Allow your students to work together and collaborate on projects in a secure environment. Create “live lectures” (video lectures uploaded to your cloud storage) where your students can continue their learning, or catch up on learning. This is great for students who have missed days or months of lectures. Apart from all these features, attendance and grade-book integration are also on the way.

So, whether you’re a student looking for better, less distracting ways to group study or an instructor looking for an online medium to collaborate with students, do pay ClassConnect a visit. Oh, and don’t forget to share your experience and views with us later.

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