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One of the secrets to becoming successful is to set goals and targets daily, and use them as a guide to action as you go through the day. Do you keep tabs on your career goals? How do you work with others when these goals are related to projects that require collaboration? A web app called WorkSimple (free for the Individual Plan, $5 per month for the Group Plan) aims to not only answer that question for you but also to help you in accomplishing these tasks. WorkSimple is a social goal-setting and tracking application where users set and share goals with their peers. This creates a sense of accountability, allowing for faster achievement of goals. WorkSimple offers applications for both businesses and individuals. WorkSimple-Main

More and more mainstream companies are looking to the web for management tools, and WorkSimple has built an elegant solution to handle tasks, goals, communication, and employee feedback. The app can help management gain the visibility they need to boost employee engagement with ‘Social Engagement and Performance Analytics’. It essentially claims to give management the tools to see metrics around goal creation, goal feedback and define the Focus of your team or company. A Focus is basically a set of goals for a particular achievement. These are displayed in a Focus Board, a dashboard that displays all defined focuses and the goal activity under each.


WorkSimple can help in managing performance in many ways. You can use the application to jot down your goals – whether they’re personal and private, or professional and collaborative – and track your progress toward meeting them. Your colleagues can endorse your goals, comment on and even attach files to them.


You can upload files to the website, where your collaborators can endorse them or comment on them. The app also lets you generate a report for your projects or goals, which you can share with individuals via email or over LinkedIn and Twitter. It also gives you full control over its notifications, as shown in the screenshot below. You can ough email whenever anyone interacts with you through endorsements, likes, comments, file-sharing and goal-sharing.


As mentioned earlier, the Individual Plan, which is limited in its feature set, is free to use, while the Business Plans costs $5 per month. Enterprise accounts are available as well on request. Some of the features included in the Business level service that are missing from the Individual WorkSimple accounts include Activity Stream, Suggested Goals, Team Focuses, Weekly Reports, Goal Reviews, and Recognition.

A few of these features are designed to ensure visibility of the goals and priorities of a business team as a whole as well as individual members, helping all team members stay on the same page and, at the same time, know where all the colleagues stand in terms of their progress.

Have you already tried the site? Did you use it for individual usage or as part of a corporation? Share your thoughts on WorkSimple below.

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