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Generally speaking, you’ll find two types of users out there – those who relish the opportunity to share on Facebook virtually anything they ‘like’, and those who don’t even bother taking a look at something just because it supports integration with said social network. If you fall under the former category, there’s now a very handy photo backup solution available for you in the form of Photo Saver. Fresh to the Google Play Store, this simple yet effective Android app has the capacity to automatically upload photos from your device to Facebook with ease. Uploaded content is stored under a dedicated Facebook Photos album, whose sharing option is set to ‘Private’ by default (for all the privacy-conscious people out there). However, automatic uploading of your fresh snaps is not the only feature that Photo Saver brings to the table. The app can also be used to create a generic backup of all the photos lying on your device upon request. Not only does Photo Saver let you control the backup mechanism, but also keeps you apprised of the last backup instance, as well as the total number of photos that have been backed up so far. Details to follow.

The official Android client of Google+ already offers the instant photo upload facility to its users, while Facebook remained bare in this regard – neither through the official mobile client of said service, nor via the the unofficial ones. This is what makes Photo Saver even more special.


The app is void of any extensive configurations, and follows the keep-it-simple convention. All you need to do is authorize it to access your Facebook account, decide whether you want to use its universal or new photos upload feature, enable the service and forget about backing up your photos manually. Once enabled, the app creates a new album within your Facebook Photos by the name of PhotoSaver, and places the uploaded photos under it.

Need to make sure whether your photos were successfully uploaded or not? Photo Saver also sports a built-in web browser that launches directly to the Facebook website, so you can sneak peek at your photo albums to confirm the app’s functionality.


Now, to the missing bits. While the app’s automatic upload feature works like a charm, it can take some time creating universal backup of all your mobile photos. In addition, there is no simple way of monitoring and confirming the uploading progress, other than relying on the app’s homescreen to view the ‘total photos uploaded’ or manually checking your Facebook albums by visiting the website itself. Apparently, Photo Saver just takes the JPG files into consideration.

Photo Saver is free in the Google Play Store, and can be downloaded via the link or QR code provided below.

Photo Saver Automatically Uploads Captured Photos To Facebook [Android]Download Photo Saver

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