SoundHound Updated To v5.0 With Song Of The Day, Improved UI Track Recognition [Android, iOS] Share
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The insanely popular online music recognition and discovery app for Android and iOS, SoundHound, has just received a massive update (to v5.0), in terms of both aesthetics as well as functionality. Along with retaining its reputation of identifying almost any song that is being played around, the new-look app now offers plenty of other interesting features that will certainly satiate your music appetite. From the Android app’s perspective, the Holo-themed UI is a definite plus, while the iOS variant has been beefed up with the option to play local music and display track info, including LiveLyrics, artist details and music video (if available). The homescreen of SoundHound on both supported platforms has been revamped to include a slick carousel that is dedicated to displaying featured SoundHound content. The app now also lets users stream a popular song on daily basis, completely free of charge. In addition, the LiveLyrics scrolling feature gets some much-needed attention, music recognition seems to be even quicker than before and the social media sharing feature has been improved.

SoundHound-Update-Jun-8-Android-iOS-Home  SoundHound-Update-Jun-8-Android-iOS-Free-Track

When launched, the app welcomes you with the all-important SoundHound button that caters to music recognition. What’s different, though, is the bottom segment of the homescreen, which displays a carousel, sporting music content from various SoundHound areas, including popular, most shared, most tweeted and a SoundHound exclusive song. The last offering is absolutely free to stream, and you can listen to one such complete track on daily basis.

Another noticeable change in the update can be viewed on the What’s Hot screen of the app, which lists music tracks under different categories, including the hottest ones, and those offered exclusively by SoundHound, shared on Twitter or ‘just’ explored by worldwide music fans.

SoundHound-Update-Jun-8-Android-iOS-Explore  SoundHound-Update-Jun-8-Android-iOS-Song

As mentioned earlier, the LiveLyrics panel of the app has also got some decent features to go along with the update. For instance, double tapping this panel displays the lyrics in full-screen. Alternatively, you may switch your device to landscape orientation for the full-screen lyrics display mode. That’s not all – the scrolling speed of lyrics to match the songs’ tempo has also been improved considerably.

All in all, this make for a pretty handy update that certainly warrants a try, especially if you wish to not only enjoy high quality music streaming, but also play around with your favorite tracks.

Google Play Store links to the free and paid variant of SoundHound variant are provided below along with their respective QR codes.

SoundHound Updated To v5.0 With Song Of The Day, Improved UI Track Recognition [Android, iOS]


SoundHound Updated To v5.0 With Song Of The Day, Improved UI Track Recognition [Android, iOS]


Download SoundHound for Android [Free | Paid]

Download Soundhound for iOS [Free | Paid]

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