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Skype is arguably the most renowned VoIP service in the world. Millions around the globe use it daily to keep in touch with their friends, family and co-workers. Recently, however, people across various forums started to complain about Skype 5.9’s excessive use of system resources under the recently released Windows 8 Release Preview, which involves shooting up the CPU usage to as high as 35%. The folks over at Skype have released a hotfix (version that prevents the application from using too much CPU resources. We took a plunge and tested the new version ourselves to see whether the hotfix actually ‘fix’ anything or not.

The CPU usage of previous version ( was axiomatically high. We hopped into the Task Manager and horrified to see that Skype’s CPU usage was lurking around at approx. 32%, while memory usage was capped at 70.7MB.


We upgraded the application to the latest version (, which took only a few minutes, and then jumped back to Task Manager to check system resource usage.


The new version does settle down everything to where it should. CPU usage went to zero percent while there was no change in memory usage.

skype updated

So those of you who are using Windows 8 Release Preview, we highly recommend upgrading to the latest Skype version. Happy skyping!

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