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Anyone who is even remotely interested in cars probably knows a thing or two about the popular TV show TopGear. TopGear keeps you up to date with all the latest happenings in the four-wheeled world, bringing you news and reviews of all the new cars in the market. In case the show alone isn’t enough to satiate your desire to know everything about cars, now there’s a Windows Phone 7 app that will let you view all the interesting bits from the show, along with photos, videos (downloadable) and other information related to all your favorite automobiles. More about the official TopGear app for Mango phones after the break.

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There are two ways of navigating through the app’s polished interface. You can either choose to go to any section of the app from the main screen, or swipe across the screen to switch between them. The app is divided into the following sections:

  • News: Not only does this section display all the latest news from the show, you can also get exclusive information about cars that usually doesn’t get aired in the episodes. Each article is pretty thorough, and most of them are accompanied by high-quality photos of the vehicle being discussed.
  • Reviews: TopGear features reviews of almost every new car that is launched. Each review contains comparisons with other cars and lists its pros and cons. If you are lucky, the review might even come with a video.
  • The Show: Everything related to the TopGear show can be found in this menu. Users can watch full episodes, and get the latest news related to each episode’s timings and shooting.

TopGear WP7 Videos  TopGear WP7 Gallery  TopGear WP7 Reviews

  • Videos: If you want to get down to the action straight away, without having to read a lot of lengthy reviews, just enter the videos section of the app. You can both stream and download any video in the app. Downloaded videos can be viewed and managed from within the Downloads section of the app.
  • Gallery: The repository of all TopGear images. Displays everything in full-screen.

TopGear for WP7 is a must-have if you like cars, and especially if you are a fan of the show. You can grab the TopGear app for free through the web Marketplace link provided below.

Download TopGear

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