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YouTube is great for watching videos, but some “features” can become really annoying, such as in-video ads, annotations, headers, auto-play etc. YouTube Settings is a Chrome extension, arguably the best of its kind, that offers you with an all-in-one set of YouTube preferences that you can use to completely customize the video portal according to your desires. After the extension has been installed, you will be able to access a wide variety of settings and options divided into multiple categories, such as Size and Quality, Behavior, Playback, Appearance, Mood and Downloads, offering complete control over various aspects of YouTube, like default view quality, hiding headers and headlines, eliminating comments, matting down the background and much more.

To start off, click the button in the toolbar to open the YouTube Options page in a new tab. This will let you hide in-video ads, annotations, disable auto-play, hide playlists, change the video size/quality and more.  The extension is quite useful for removing unwanted clutter and providing a better video watching experience. When you’ve selected your desired settings, they are automatically applied to every video.

YouTube settings

With YouTube Settings, you can even hide everything and enable the Matte the background option. The last option adds a Download toolbar under each video, which lets you download the video in various formats, such as FLV, MP4, 3GP and WebM.


Note that the download options might not work for movies or videos with ads. Overall, the extension is easy-to-use and lets you control YouTube video playback or settings in a thorough manner, giving much needed full control.

Install YouTube Settings For Google Chrome

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