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Magnify is a simple yet useful Chrome extension that lets you zoom into the contents of any website, particularly text. Not only does it enlarge small text, but also gives you search capabilities and translation options. You may also take screenshots using Magnify. All you have to do is hold down the left mouse button for a second, and a magnifying glass will appear over the page (much like the one that appears after a long-press in iOS), which you can drag around to magnify desired text. The extension also offers users with a selection tool that integrates Search, Translate and Snapshot options in a neat tooltip. The snapshot tool comes with four markers, which can be dragged around to highlight content, and once you’ve selected an area, you can click the Save button to download your screenshot to your hard drive in JPG format.

To zoom in, simply hold down the left mouse button for a second, and a magnifying glass will instantly appear over the page. You can then drag it around to read small text, view tiny images or numbers.

zoom in

When you highlight text, four different options are displayed in a tooltip, including Search, Copy, Translate and Snapshot. The copy option automatically copies text to the clipboard, whereas the translate option uses Google Translate and opens results in a new tab.


When you click the Snapshot option, a tiny blue box with four dots appears over the page, which you can drag around and resize to take screenshots.


Magnify Settings allow you to enable search, copy, translation, snapshot and magnifying options. You can select some or all, depending on your need. The translate options supports a very large number of languages (as it relies on Google’s translation engine), and allows you to select your desired one from a drop-down menu. Once done, hit Save and you’re good to go.

magnify settings


This nifty little tool can be quite useful for people who find it difficult to read text in small fonts, or often need to translate different terms to their native language. Magnify lets you zoom in without blowing up the whole page, and you can always disable options that you don’t use. You can install Magnify from the link below.

Install Magnify For Google Chrome

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