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Thingsly is a smart web application (with a powerful Chrome extension) that lets you collect, arrange and organize your favorite links and imagesfrom all over the web. It lets you connect to various communities that share similar tastes, and allows you browse through their discoveries. The service uses images to bookmark content, only requires a simple sign up, and offers visual bookmarking, which you can use to save content for later use or create wish lists for products or items you love. The Chrome extension for the service grabs all images from a website and displays them in a neat pop-up. Selected images can then be added to existing or new collections. Additionally, you can browse the Feed category that comes with a massive collection of images, or you can find people who have similar interests. More after the break.

To start off, install the Thingsly Chrome extension and click the button in the toolbar to instantly retrieve all images from your favorite website, which will be displayed in a neat grid.

website collection

From here, you can bookmark any image on the page, add comments and add it to an existing collection, or create a new one by clicking the New Collection button. Once done, hit the Go button, and your content will be saved to your Thingsly profile. You can then send these saved images to a friend via Facebook as well.


The web service itself comes with a slick interface, too, with Feed, Me, People and Sources tabs displayed at the top of the page. You can browse through the feed, and upon coming across a particular item that you really like, hover your mouse over the image to like/dislike, collect or view the original source for it.


All your clipped/saved content will be added under your profile, which will also allow you to access Discoveries, Collections, Followers and Following options. In addition to that, you will be able to edit your profile and add new collections. The Sources option lets you view a variety of images from Latest, Biggest, Mine and Recommended origins.


The Thingsly extension certainly provides an easy solution to clip links and images, and create different collections. Thingsly is a neat and useful service that lets you organize images that you love in a beautified manner.

Install Thingsly For Google Chrome

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