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eBuddy is a popular service for accessing multiple chat clients without having to install any application for them. Now, imagine a messenger app released by such a service, won’t it be cool? eBuddy XMS is everything you would expect from an official eBuddy app. With this app, Windows Phone 7 users can text anyone conveniently, and for free. eBuddy XMS might not come with too many bells and whistles attached, but it is a perfect option if you are looking for something that acts as a replacement for the Messaging hub in WP7, and that, too, in a more efficient way. eBuddy scans your Facebook friends and the People hub to import all the contacts that are already on eBuddy, and you can interact with them after signing up through your phone number.

eBuddy XMS Scan Contacts  eBuddy XMS Contacts

To get started, you will have to create a new account for the eBuddy XMS app. To do that, enter you display name and phone number. The app sends an SMS to the entered number, which contains the activation code for eBuddy XMS. Enter that code in the app, and you are good to go. eBuddy XMS offers to scan the user’s address book and Facebook friends to populate its own contacts list. The contacts are listed just the way they are in the People hub. To manually add someone to your eBuddy XMS contacts list, hit the ‘+’ button in the bottom bar and enter your friend’s eBuddy code or phone number.

eBuddy XMS Messages  eBuddy XMS Conversation

In order to strike up a conversation with anyone, just tap their name from the contact list. This will take you to the conversation thread for that person. Just like the stock Messaging app in WP7, eBuddy XMS maintains all interactions with a user in a single thread. A timestamp is added to each message, and the emoticons support is pretty good as well.

For now, eBuddy XMS does not support picture attachments, but that feature is expected to be added to the app through a future update. For many people, the app might be worthless until it gets the image and video attachment capability, but for a free app, eBuddy XMS has the potential to prove to be a pretty good addition to your device. You can download the app by searching through the Marketplace hub on your Mango phone, or by clicking web Marketplace the link provided below.

Download eBuddy XMS

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