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From the developers of the previously reviewed technology news reader, APPY Geek, comes Sports Republic - arguably the best sports news aggregator for mobile devices, . Aimed at die-hard sports fans and available for both Android and iOS-powered devices, Sports Republic is a highly customizable and aesthetically-rich sports news app that impresses with its fully-updated news stories, supplemented with high-quality multimedia content and easy sharing options, a Flipboard-inspired magazine-style homepage interface, real-time notifications only for your favorite sports topics, three different styles of homescreen widgets, option to sort and explore news stories by their relevant Moods and pick from one of the eight different international sports editions, a dedicated picture gallery supplemented with detailed photo captions, the TagNav feature that sports three different types of sports-oriented tag cloud explorers, and lots more. Continue reading past the break to reveal more on this personalized sports news app.


Sports Republic fetches the latest content from a multitude of globally acclaimed news providers, including AFP, ITN, F24, Associated Press (AP), Bike Radar, Vital Cricket, Sports Vibe, Al Jazeera and EatSleepSport etc.  Don’t like a particular news source? Fret not, because you have the option to pick only the trusted and most favorite content providers. Likewise, all the various tiles that you see on the app’s homescreen are dedicated to displaying news content from only a selected sports category that you can pick at your own will. Ranging from soccer and wrestling to cricket and tennis, Sports Republic is likely to entice fans having interest in any particular game, team, player, club or league.


To help you easily curate the homescreen according to the topics of your own liking, the app provides you with a total of three different categories. There is the option to select content from the Hot topics, Featured topics, and the Last added ones. Still can’t find a topic of choice? Hit the search button at the top and try querying your favorite topic manually. Each item that you ‘star’ is automatically added to the homescreen in the form of a separate tile, whose order can be adjusted.


The app can also be set to display the total article count atop each individual tile. Unwanted news topics can be removed from the homescreen by long pressing their respective tiles. However, the Top Stories, Moods, Saved articles and several other main tiles cannot be removed. The star icon present in the top-right corner of a tile helps you easily recognize between main and custom tiles. The Top Stories tile keeps circling thumbnails of the latest news stories from the sports world.


Tapping a tile lists all the underlying stories from a particular topic. The original source of each story is displayed next to its corresponding topic, along with the time of publication. It is from this screen that you can head over to the app’s tag cloud that lets you pick from three different 3D tag cloud explorer modes to fetch more topics (and underlying news stories) relevant to the selected one. The TagNav interface is more or less reminiscent of the one that we’ve already seen with APPY Geek, with the only difference being that the topics here are based on sports categories rather than technology ones.


Coming back to the main news stories screen of the selected topic, you can sort all the stories by date, mood, or videos. While exploring a specific topic, you may directly add it to the app’s homescreen as a new tile, activate notifications pertaining to just that topic and fetch more helpful material regarding the selected topic from various online resources, such as Wikipedia, Google, YouTube, Twitter and more.


Each news story is filled with several handy options, too, including reading the entire story through the app’s native news reader interface, using embedded links and relevant topic links to instantly jump to the other stories, adjusting font size, sharing the articles through compatible apps, exploring all relevant images in full-screen, bookmarking the story, launching the TagNav cloud explorer interface to pick a relevant topic of choice, and the best of the entire lot, selecting your Mood about the story, while at the same time, checking relevant moods of other readers from all across the globe. Be it on the news story screen or the photo-explorer screen, you can swipe sideways to switch between underlying content.


Apart from the aforementioned photo-flicking widget, Sports Republic also offers you a couple of other homescreen widgets – compact and large – that can be set to display the news content from your preferred topics. However, despite all the awe-inspiring features that it boasts, Sports Republic can still be beefed with several additional goodies, including support for live sports content, offline reading mode, social media integration, an even expanded pool of supported sports categories, better support for video content, and a tad speedier in-app navigation.


Having said that, for a debuting app, Sports Republic ticks most of the required boxes to instantly hit the top of the sports app charts on both supported smartphone platforms. So, if you’re still in a fix about picking a favorite sports news app, make no hesitation in putting your hands on Sports Republic. It’s downright awesome!


The app is absolutely free in both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Download links of both the variants of the app are provided below.

Sports Republic For Android iOS Is Like Flipboard For Sports NewsDownload Sports Republic for Android

Download Sports Republic for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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