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If you give proper importance to your health and physical fitness, there are many smartphone and web apps that can help you achieve your workout goals. There are apps that will plan workouts for you, notify you when it’s time to start your exercises and keep track of your daily calorie intake. However, all such services lack the clarity, convenience and conciseness of the newly-released Sworkit. The service is available on web, iOS and Android, and acts as your fitness trainer in a very simplified way. You just have to tell Sworkit the area of your body that you want to concentrate on, and it will come up with the perfect workout routine for you. Not only that, Sworkit graphically demonstrates each exercise and keeps the timer rolling while you perform the workout in front of your computer or mobile device. The user has to do nothing but follow the photos and timer on their device’s screen.

Sworkit Web

The web and smartphone versions of Sworkit are pretty similar in looks and functionality. First, you have to select the time period of your workout. There are predefined lengths for that, starting at 5 minutes and ending at 60. Once you have decided the timespan of your workout, the next step is to select a workout or yoga type. There are separate workout routines available for different body parts, or you can hit the Anything Goes button and perform a random set of exercises. There are two Yoga Sequences available in Sworkit, including Sun Salutation and Full Sequence. Both the routines will be optimized for you by Sworkit according to the Workout Length you selected earlier.

Sworkit iOS Home  Sworkit iOS Workout

Now that you have configured your workout, Sworkit will take you to the main workout screen. Tap Start to begin your exercise. Most sessions are no more than 30 seconds in length, and are accompanied by a varying number of drawings representing the steps of each drill. The upper timer on the screen indicates the time left for the current step, while the bottom one shows Total Time elapsed for the workout. The app is accompanied by sounds that notify users every time you have to move on to the next step in the workout. If you want to abandon the workout midway, hit the Start Over button.

The Android and iOS apps for Sworkit are available as free downloads, while using the web version of the service won’t cost you anything as well.

Download Sworkit  for iPhone

Download Sworkit for Android

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