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Not every app in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has to be related to productivity and usefulness. In fact, users love apps that are related to humor, or are there just for entertainment. Captionitis is one such app, present in the Marketplace to provide some lighthearted fun. You might call the app just another time-waster, but we have to admit that the concept is quite amusing. The Captionitis staff selects one image each day, and all users of the app are free to add their captions to the photo. Even the photos are chosen from among those submitted by users. At the end of each day, one caption is chosen as the winner, based on the number of votes it receives from the Captionitis community. Captionitis Today  Captionitis Voting The app automatically creates a new account for each user as soon as you launch Captionitis for the first time on your Mango phone. The account consists of nothing more than a handle that will be used when you caption any photo, or unlock a new achievement. It is possible to change that handle by heading to the Settings menu of the app. To view the day’s featured image, and to add a caption of your own for it, head to the today page. The Voting menu shows the progress of captions submitted by other users, and you can vote from here as well. Just tap the heart icon (a broken heart counts as a negative vote, while a full one is positive). Captionitis Top  Captionitis Awards If you are looking to have some idle fun, there is the top section with all the winning captions for past photos. Captionitis has an awards system of its own, and the more frequently you use the app, the higher you will get on the award list. Similar to this menu, Captionitis also has a standings page that displays the overall leaderboard of awards earned by top users of the app. You are sure to come across some real gems while browsing through the app, and everything is free too. So, do give Captionitis a try by heading to the web Marketplace link below. Remember though, some captions might be NSFW. Download Captionitis

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