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It’s been six long months since Evernote Hellowas released in the iOS App Store to provide users of said mobile OS with a visually and functionally-enhanced contacts book. Just like their other products – Evernote and Skitch – the company has lived up to its reputation of offering multi-platform-supported mobile apps by releasing the official Android variant of Evernote Hello. Akin to its iOS counterpart, the Android version of the app is also all about letting you tie people and their photos to their contact details, manually logging your encounters with these contacts via photos, notes and locations, and viewing all the contacts on a graphically rich mosaic layout. The best part about the entire deal is that your Hello contact book is synced to the Evernote cloud, and can be accessed from virtually any other supported device. Another major trait of Evernote Hello for Android is its firm integration with LinkedIn, which means that you can find ample info about the required contacts from said service, provided they’re already registered LinkedIn users. Details to follow.

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On the whole, the Android variant of Evernote Hello supports more or less the same set of features as its iOS counterpart, which we’ve already reviewed in detail. Still, we’d love to present you with a quick rundown of some of the app’s key features that make it a standout contender in its own respect.

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  • Multiple ways to add a new contact to the Evernote Hello address book: by passing over your phone to the contact themselves, manually feeding in all the required data, accessing your phone’s contact book to fetch required information, or resorting to the LinkedIn service to find additional information about required contacts.
  • Option to add virtually limitless number of contacts by adding their email address, Twitter ID, phone numbers, and profile pictures etc, and in return, sharing your own contact information with them via mail.
  • Managing your own personal profile (Evernote Hello contact card) in detail by providing the mail ID, Twitter ID, LinkedIn account info, and the default Evernote Notebook to log encounters and sync relevant settings with the Evernote cloud.
  • Keeping track of each and every encounter with various contacts through tagged photos, map locations, custom notes and more.
  • Viewing other people related to you and your contacts.
  • Linking your Evernote Hello contacts to your phone contacts, and maintaining a detailed list of your encounters with each individual contact in an uncluttered manner.
  • Allowing Evernote Hello access your text messages, call logs, and online calendar to get predictions for your future encounters with various contacts.

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Evernote Hello for Android is free in the Google Play Store, and requires Android v2.2 or higher to run. Download the app via the link or QR code provided below.

Evernote Hello For Android Brings A Visual Efficient Contact Book To Your PhoneDownload Evernote Hello for Android

Download Evernote Hello for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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