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Chrome is amazing as a web browser, but it’s default history page lacks some basic filtering features, which make things difficult especially when it comes to complex search queries. For instance, the page does not allow you to filter items by date or domain, and if you want to find a particular link that you visited in the past, then you have to scroll down the very lengthy history page. eHistory is a Google Chrome extension that customizes the default history page and adds advanced search features to it, which allow you to filter results by date, title, domain, text and more. The options become available when you click the Advanced button on the page. In addition to that, you will find three options for deleting items, including Delete selected, Delete all search results and Clear History options.

The extension adds a tiny calendar to the From/To options, which allows users to add a time filter by selecting two specific dates. Once you’ve selected a time period for the history, you can enter a  URL, Title, Site and Text. Note that you can enter all parameters at once, or some of them, depending on your requirement. Once done, hit the Search History button and results will instantly be displayed. You can then delete selected items or delete all search results that match your query. Moreover, you may click the Clear History to get its full effect immediately.


eHistory is a useful extension that transforms the default history page into a more useful one, and allows you to conveniently filter/delete history by dates, URLs, titles and more. Grab the extension from the Chrome Web Store link below, give it a try and drop a comment.

Install eHistory For Google Chrome


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