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If you like watching trending videos on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, then can be a great tool for you. This intelligent web application brings online videos together and gives you a streamlined video watching experience. It automatically imports and categorizes videos that your Facebook or Twitter friends are watching, and you can even manually add them from other online sources. The service comes with a beautiful interface that lets you filter results and create playlists. Moreover, by installing the bookmarklet you will be able to add videos to your desired playlists from any website.

To start off, you can login to via your Facebook or Twitter account. Once done, the app will automatically import all your Facebook, Twitter and Reddit videos (after you’ve connected the respective accounts). The menu on the left allows you to filter videos by their source. In addition to that, you can narrow down your search by selecting categories, such as Animals & Nature, Auto, Entertainment, Food, Gaming, Sports and many more. For each video, you will be able to view details, such as the title, source social network, number of likes/comments and more. Clicking a video allows you to watch it in a clutter-free player, without any comments, likes or sidebars. Also, as you scroll to the end of the page, the video stream is automatically refreshed.

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When you hover your mouse over a video, an Add to list button appears over it, which, when clicked, displays a pop up that allows you to add the video to your desired list and share it on Facebook.

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Additionally, you will be able to add videos from different sources by simply pasting a URL. Your profile page, accessible from the top-right of the page, lists all your playlists and added videos.

video lets you find other users with similar interests, discover new videos from various categories and add videos from across the web. The service comes with a visually appealing interface that gives you the ultimate video watching experience.


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