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The App Switcher tray is one of the best features in iOS, but that doesn’t mean it is perfect. In fact, if you give Switchy a try, you are sure to wonder how did you survive with the old task manager in your iPhone. As the developer claims in the tweak’s Cydia description, Switchy is everything that the App Switcher should have been in the first place. Every time you launch App Switcher on an iPhone or iPad, only the bottom area of the screen remains active, while everything else is grayed out. Switchy takes full advantage of this wasted space, and adds an extra row of icons to the App Switcher tray. However, this is not the only thing Switchy does. The tweak will also enhance the music area of the App Switcher, adding artist and album name to it, and in addition to all that, the tweak will add a new button to the bottom bar, tapping which will kill all apps at once!

Switchy App Switcher  Switchy Music  Switchy Clear Apps

Switchy is available in the BigBoss repo, and once you have installed it to your iDevice, will come into action automatically. Just double-tap the Home button and see the difference for yourself. The height of the App Switcher tray is doubled by Switchy, and the grid of apps becomes 4 X 2 rather than the usual 4 icons in a single row. When you swipe to the left of the App Switcher, you will notice that the music area has been enhanced by the tweak as well. That area shows the album and artist name, alongside a volume slider and other music controls.

The third, and probably the most useful, part of Switchy is the shortcuts area. It features the brightness controller, the Settings app icon and a new icon labeled Clear Apps. The Clear Apps button will remove all apps from the App Switcher tray when you tap it just once. This can prove to be a really useful option if you have a lot of apps in that area, but don’t want to kill them one-by-one through the red ‘-‘ button.

Switchy is priced at $1, and for all the nice features and enhancements it offers, the tweak is totally worth it. You won’t be deprived of any of the original App Switcher functionalities, while having a host of new ones. So, do give Switchy a try if you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

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