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Pinterest has gained immense popularity over the past few months, and it seems they are actually going to bring a new trend among social media users. Only a few days ago, we covered Searchgonzo, a Pinterest-like product discovery engine. 5th village is a similar web application that is geared towards shopaholics, letting them search and explore products from popular online shopping services such as eBay, Amazon and ShopStyle. Additionally, it allows you view and filter Instagram images by tags and even lets you sign into your account. With it, you can browse thousands of pins to find the perfect style, product, image and more. The slick tool lets you choose categories from a pull down menu displayed at the top of the page. When an image is clicked, the service automatically redirects you to the product’s website, so you can purchase it or view further details, such as price, time left etc.

By default, 5th village’s homepage displays a range of products from ShopStyle, with multiple categories displayed at the top of the page, such as Shoes, Bags, Beauty, Men and Kids. To the top right of the page, you will also find three other popular services, including eBay, Amazon and Instagram. Once you’ve selected a service, you will be able to enter a product’s name, browse by various categories and refine your search results by different parameters.

5ht village

For instance, eBay allows you to enter terms or select different categories from a drop-down menu. Form the left hand-side of the page, you will be able to refine your results by different parameters, and you will also find multiple options at the top of the page, such as Auctions, Buy it now, New, Used and more. Similarly, you will be able to browse all types of products on Amazon with large and neat photos. Note that the stream of products is automatically refreshed when you scroll to the end of the page. When you come across an item that you really like, just click it, and you will instantly be redirected to the product’s store in a new tab, after which you will be able to purchase it directly from there.

amazon (2)

Another great feature of the app is that you can login to your Instagram account to view your photo stream in a slick and neat interface. Moreover, you will be able to browse through other people’s photos and filter them by tags. Photos can be pinned on Pinterest or shared on Facebook and Twitter.


5th village seamlessly integrates the most popular online shopping services into its interface, and completely revamps the way you shop online for products on eBay, Amazon and ShopStyle. With it, you will not only be able to browse products without visiting multiple websites, but also strain your eyes lesser thanks to the elegant interface. The Instagram integration is yet another plus. We recommend all the shopaholics and Instagram lovers to give it a try!

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