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We’ve covered loads of new tab page extensions for Chrome in the past, but New Tab Feeder offers you with something unique. This elegant tool provides customized speeds dials, news feeds from your favorite channels, apps, bookmarks, a built-in translator and smart search. New Tab Feeder does not only let you save time, but also keeps you up-to-date with the latest happenings around you. The design allows you to quickly get from the new tab page to your desired websites with minimal friction, and lets you quickly read news and access your installed apps. Personally, I think the built-in translator and customized news feed that updates at regular intervals will make it a better option for busy people. More after the break.

The extension customizes the new tab page and adds Home, News, Apps and Translate options to it. Home displays customized speed dials for your favorite pages, and the newsfeed at the bottom of the page. Additionally, you can switch between News, Apps, and Translate from the top of the page.


The apps are neatly displayed, and you can utilize the smart bar to quickly visit your favorite websites. The smart bar not only retrieves links from your browsing history, but also quickly translates the entered term to your desired language.

apps and search

The Default Translate Languages can be changed from drop-down menus, which include Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Hebrew.


Options allow you to choose news websites for various locations, such as USA, UK, Canada etc, or you can simply enable the featured ones (, TIME, VB and The Economist), depending on your preference. Moreover, the feeds get updated every three seconds to show you the latest hot news from partner sites.

news channels

If you’re concerned with privacy issues, note that the extension does not use your browsing data or save any of your private information. It would have been nice if the colors, background and news sources were customizable, but overall, New Tab Feeder is easy-to-use, looks nice, and gives you a better browsing experience. You can grab the it from the link below.

Install New Tab Feeder For Google Chrome

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