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Nowadays, people upload hundreds of images on different image hosting websites, such as Flickr, Imgur, ImageShack etc. Apart from these public sharing websites, social media networks, such as Facebook and Google +, have also gained a lot of popularity in photo sharing circles. The Instragram app, available for both iPhone and Android, is famous for allowing users to apply beautiful filters to their images, making them look as if they were professionally shot and edited. A while back, we covered a Windows application called Perfect Effects 3 that allows you to apply multiple Instagram-like photo filters in layers, one over the other, or to specific parts of an image from its library of 30 professional effects. Today, we have another image editing application called Photo Filter Factory, which contains hundreds of different image filters and effects to choose from. Additionally, it allows you to apply frames to images, correct brightness and contrast, change image size, adjust image scale and batch convert images to different formats and sizes.

The application sports a very minimalistic interface. All the filters are directly accessible from the main interface (the top left corner has a drop down list containing all the filters). When you select a filter from the list, a bar appears on the right side that lets you choose different intensity levels for the selected filter. The top bar contains options such as Brightness, Filter and Add Frame that lets you quickly change image brightness and apply a frame to your images with variable pixel width respectively.

Photo Filter Factory 10  Koala

The filter list contains a number of filters such as After Draw, Aged Paper, Dry Dirt, Floor Board, Melted Tar, Purple lace, Rough Wood, Stone Wall, Water Drops etc.

Photo Filter Factory 10  Koala

The application offers different tools to manage different image options including White/ Black Balance, Sharpen, Distort, Gamma, Image Size, image Scale, Rotate Image and more.

Photo Filter Factory 10  Koala.png 3

The Batch Converter can be accessed from the File menu. It allows you to batch convert images into different formats, such as BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TGA and TIF. Moreover, you can resize the images and change their Brightness, Contrast, JPG Quality and other color levels.

Batch Converter

Photo Filter Factory works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Photo Filter Factory

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