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After making its mark among iOS users, the popular personalized TV shows discovery and recommendations app, Peel, has made its way into the Google Play Store for Android users. Laced with plenty of visual goodness and an endless stream of high quality TV content recommendations, the official Peel mobile app ensures that you don’t have to look across multiple TV guides and other online resources to find your daily dose of infotainment. Using Peel, you can curate your TV program schedules as per your own liking, and get timely recommendations from the app, as well as other app users. The app also lets you search for your preferred TV shows and movies, sift through various content-intensive program genres from a chosen category, check in to shows, rate favorite programs, load complete program schedules for your favorite TV channels, share your favorite shows with your Facebook and Twitter friends, cut out the shows that don’t match your liking, and check out what other users think about a particular show.

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Just like the previously reviewed TV guide app BuddyTV, Peel also requires you to provide your area ZIP code at launch. This helps the app fetch the list of TV service providers from your current location. Once past that, the app prompts you to decide whether you want to continue with the default (recommendation) preferences or Personalize the Top Picks as per your own liking. The app’s interface is exactly the same as you get with its iOS counterpart, which ultimately means that you’re in for plenty of eye candy, sleek looks, and user-friendly in-app navigation controls.

Despite supporting numerous TV channels from multiple service providers, the interface of Peel is not cluttered at all, thanks to the controls for sorting content in different ways. Tapping the button in the top-left side of the app’s main screen lists different categories that Peel supports. Various options present on this screen include Top Picks, TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Search,Social and Settings. Once you pick a category of your choice, you can filter out content by time as well as by genre. Depending upon the chose program category, time, and genre, you’re presented with program recommendations from all the various TV channels supported by the app. Recommended programs are presented through individual thumbnails on a horizontally scrollable gallery.

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To view a program’s details, channel info and airing time, tap its thumbnail. While viewing a program’s info, you can switch between programs airing on the same time on other channels by swiping left/right on your screen. In addition, you can also rate a show, check-in to your favorite program, recommend it to your online friends, or cut it out from the list. The figures appearing above the thumbnail keep you informed about other users who like that particular program, feel the same way about the program as you (via rating), and have recommended the show to their own friends.

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Through the Social tab, you can keep an eye on your Peel activities and profile in detail. While the app’s suggestions are pretty handy, it must be mentioned here that the more you let Peel know about your personal preferences, the better suggestions you’re likely to get. To sift through the app’s recommendations, you can hit the Top Picks tab and decide whether you want to check what programs the app has to suggest to you, or go through your Friends’ Favorites list, the week’s top shows, or the programs that you’ve already plucked from the app’s various channels list.

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The app’s Settings screen also houses several important options. It is from here that you can reselect your TV service provider as well as favorite channels, and manage your Peel profile and favorite programs. Moreover, you can cut programs out that you aren’t interested in, customize supported genres, and manage the sports categories as per your liking. Finally, you can also log out from Peel from within the same screen.

Just like the iOS variant, the official Android client of Peel is available for free. The app requires Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or higher to run, and can be downloaded via the link or QR code provided below.

Peel Brings Its Personalized TV Show Recommendations App To AndroidDownload Peel for Android

Download Peel for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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