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One of the major changes in Windows 8 is its revamped Start Menu Screen. Instead of introducing the same old Start Menu that we’ve all grown used to, Microsoft has opted for a rather different route – creating a Metro themed Start Screen. If you’re using Windows 8 Consumer Preview, you must have noticed the absence of Control Panel shortcut in the Start Screen. Although you can easily access PC Settings console from Charms Bar, Windows 8 doesn’t offer a quick way to open the classic Control Panel, as one needs to either search it from Start Screen or open Desktop and then access it from Windows Explorer window. In what follows, we will explain how you can create a shortcut to Control Panel and pin it to Start Screen.

To begin, create a shortcut on the desktop. From Desktop right-click context menu, select New > Shortcut. A window will pop up, asking you to enter the shortcut’s target location. Simply enter the following Control Panel shortcut path.

%windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{26EE0668-A00A-44D7-9371-BEB064C98683}


In the next step, give a name to your shortcut, simply type in Control Panel under Type a name for this shortcut section and click Finish.


Once done, it will create a shortcut to Control Panel on the desktop. In order to replace its folder’s shortcut icon with Control Panel icon, right click the shortcut and select Properties from the context menu to bring up the Properties sheet. Under the Shortcut tab, click the Change Icon button.


Now, copy the following path in the field, and then select the Control Panel icon:



Once done, click OK, right-click the newly created shortcut and select Pin to Start from context menu. It will pin the Control Panel shortcut to Start Screen.


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