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In Windows Phone 7’s early days, many users had to make the quick trip to the web version of Facebook to do a lot of stuff. Not that the Mango platform didn’t have an official client for the social network, that app just wasn’t adequate enough when it came to stuff like tagging people in posts or even viewing who liked your status update. Fortunately, things have changed for the better, and the latest update of the Facebook app for WP7 has taken it pretty close to perfection. The app can now be used to like comments, delete comments from your posts and tag friends or places in your status updates. All these changes are pretty good, but they are eclipsed by the biggest new feature rolled out in the update, that being threaded messaging!

Facebook WP7 Status  Facebook WP7 Threaded Messages

I always found it annoying to read any long conversation within the old Facebook app, but the update has fixed that, and now you get a threaded string of messages, pretty similar to the stock Messaging app in WP7. Another annoyance that has been taken care of, is the tagging procedure in posts. Previously, users had to go to the web version of Facebook to add any tag in the “with” and “at” format. Now, two new buttons have been added in the bottom bar, to let you add friends and add location in any post.

Facebook WP7 Delete Post  Facebook WP7 Comments Like

Although it was possible to view likes on posts within the app thanks to the previous major update, you still weren’t able to like any comment yourself. The 2.5 update has added this feature to the app as well. How many times did you have to run to your PC to delete some comment after viewing it on the WP7 app? You will never have to do this again, as tapping and holding your finger over any comment will now bring up the delete option. You can use the same button to clean up junk on your wall.

These are just the major changes the app has gone through in the latest update, and there are plenty more, not the least of which is the ability to open links embedded within posts. You don’t have to manually copy the text and paste it in the browser’s address bar; a simple tap will take you to the linked page. If you want to update to Facebook 2.5 right now but can’t see it in the Updates section of the Marketplace, use this procedure to force update. The link to the web Marketplace page of the official Facebook app is provided below.

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