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The image hosting juggernaut, Imgur, is quite popular among the internet users. It’s frequently used by millions around the web for all kinds of image hosting, specifically a trend among the Reddit users. If you were looking for a desktop program that could let you download all Imgur images posted by a specific user on Reddit, then look no further than Imgur Album Downloader. The Java-based tool is developed to download all Imgur images from any Reddit user. All you need is to specify the URL to Reddit user profile, and it will automatically start downloading all the images posted by specified Reddit user. In addition, you can also download images from Imgur in bulk, and choose to save the download history to instantly check the number of downloaded image galleries. Details to follow after the jump.

The procedure for downloading all images from Imgur or a Reddit user account is quite similar. Just head over to your preferred site in your web browser, go to the album/user profile for which you want to download images and copy its URL. Now, launch the application and paste it in the URL input field. Now, select your output directory using the Browse button. Additionally, you can also name the album according to Title in the original user’s album or the URL of the profile, or you may create a Custom Title for the download album. Just input the album name next to Custom Folder Title, but before that don’t forget to click Custom Title box. The program also remembers the amount of previous albums you downloaded in its History, and you can specify how many previous albums to remember by inputting the number in History entries field at the top right. Furthermore, you can click Clear History to erase any saved history data. To begin downloading images, click Ok to start the download process.

Imgur Album Downloader

If all goes fine, it will successfully download all the required images to specified location.


Sometimes the program fails to download all of the images and states a warning in a dialogue window, letting you know of the number of images that the application failed to grab during the process.


Imgur Album Downloader requires JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to work. It works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Download Imgur Album Downloader

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