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The iOS Maps app is rarely the focus of attention for Cydia developers, but there are still some pretty good tweaks available for its customization, like Compass for Maps (reviewed here) and Speed for Maps (review). A perfect Maps tweak should add some new feature to the app without affecting any of the existing ones. Coordinates for Maps is exactly that type. The functionality offered by the tweak isn’t too significant, but it can still prove to be helpful in a variety of situations, and that’s why we decided to take it for a spin. Basically, this tweak displays the exact GPS coordinates of any location in the iPhone Maps app. The tweak uses a HUD to show its data, and you can even customize the looks of that HUD.

Coordinates for Maps Settings  Coordinates for Maps

If you are a frequent explorer/traveller with a jailbroken iOS device, or just want to find out the exact coordinates of a particular location for use in another app, Coordinates for Maps is a must-have tweak for you. The tweak is available as a free download in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and once you have installed it to your iPhone or iPad, it will start working in the stock Maps app straight away. There is no way to automatically see the GPS coordinates of your current location, as the HUD only comes up when you drop a pin somewhere on the map. The pin will show the name of the location, while a small box in the bottom left corner of the app displays the GPS coordinates.

If you think that the tweak’s HUD obscures too much of the map area, you can go to the Coordinates for Maps menu in the stock Settings app and make the display more transparent using a simple slider. From the same menu, it is possible to toggle the whole tweak off. Coordinates for Maps is a simple and unobtrusive utility, and even if you find it useful only occasionally, you won’t be bothered much by it.

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