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Safari undoubtedly remains the most popular iOS web browser, despite the presence of some pretty good alternatives in the App Store. There are no official Chrome or Firefox clients for iPhone and iPad, but in a surprising move, Yahoo! has joined the ranks of iOS web browsers! The new Yahoo! Axis app has been released today, and comes with some pretty decent features. Yahoo! Axis is supplemented by web extensions for all major desktop browsers, and the app uses those extensions to sync your desktop bookmarks and read-it-later lists automatically across all your devices. Another innovative feature offered by Axis is its way of displaying search results. The browser makes sure that you don’t have to navigate away from the current webpage in order to view search results, made possible by the availability of a standalone search section within the app. Read on to know more about this sleek web browser for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Yahoo! Axis iPad

To get the maximum out of Yahoo! Axis, it is better if you start using the desktop extension for your respective web browser on the computer. The first thing you have to do after launching Axis on your iDevice is to sign in to your Yahoo! account. This way, the app will sync your bookmarks automatically with your PC. You can sign in from the app’s Settings menu, and from that same area, it is also possible to manage your browsing history, enter Local Mode (for private browsing) or select the mode that you want to use for viewing webpages (Desktop, iPad and iPhone modes are available). The app supports landscape and portrait modes, as it is optimized for both iPhone and iPad.

Yahoo! Axis Browser  Yahoo! Axis Tabs  Yahoo! Axis Settings

Like Chrome for desktop, Yahoo! Axis has an Omnibar that can be used to navigate to a webpage or search for any particular keyword. However, this iPhone app varies from Chrome in this matter, as the search results are displayed in a separate section, and the currently opened webpage is not disturbed at all. The Omnibar also features auto suggestions. If you have opened a webpage by putting a URL in the bar, you will be taken to the page in the main window. The app supports multiple browsing windows, and you can switch between them using the button in the bottom bar.

Yahoo! Axis Search  Yahoo! Axis Image Search  Yahoo! Axis Image Results

In case you are looking to search for something, just enter a keyword in the address bar and swipe downwards to reveal the search area in Axis. You can look for both web and images results using the app. Yahoo! Axis won’t navigate away from the current page in the main window until you hit a link in the search results. This might not be necessary in many cases, as instead of displaying just a line of text in Web search results, Axis shows a preview of the page, from where users can read anything without actually opening the link. The bookmarks you associate with Yahoo! Axis are automatically synced with your computer if you are logged in to your Yahoo! account at both ends.

Yahoo! Axis is a universal app, and you can grab it for free if you are looking for a new and different browsing experience on your iDevice.

Download Yahoo! Axis

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