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Previously, we covered some local and remote Windows Services monitoring tools, such as Windows Service Monitor, ServiceCommander and Free Windows Service Monitor. They allow you to monitor running Windows Services and Start, Stop, Resume etc, them, but what if you want to keep an application process running at all times, and know that you will not be around to restart it whenever it stops working? Well, Knas Restarter will do that for you. It is a portable process monitoring application lets you monitor single running processes, and define actions to be automatically performed when the process stops.

To start monitoring an application, select it from the list of all the running processes in your system and click Select. The selected application’s executable file path, along with its process ID, will automatically be added to the Process to Monitor field. In the Restart Parameters pane, set options such as Keep Restarter Minimized, Startup Parameters, Startup Window etc. Under Actions pane, select Enable Restart to automatically restart the application if it shuts down. Other actions include Kill if Unresponsive, Warning Sound and execute External Script. Once everything is set up, hit the Start button available in the bottom-right corner.

knas Restarter - MONITORING - Shotty.exe

Knas Restarter will keep monitoring the application, and automatically start it, in case it goes down. Data about the Poll Count,Unresponsive Count and Restart Count is available on the right side of the interface. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Knas Restarter

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