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The previously-featured Windows tweaking application, Tweak Me!, has gone through some major changes in last one year. Along with the previously offered tweaks for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, there are some new and very useful additions to the application. Tweak Me! now offers Action-Center tweaks, a Startup manager and a Windows Context menu editor. Moreover, it allows you to perform SSD optimization and provides you with fixes and toggles for System Files, Boot Defragmentation, Prefetch, Hibernation etc. Read past the jump for details and download link.

The interface of the application has been majorly revamped. The developer has introduced a new menu in the top-left corner of the application, and shifted the Profiles, Log and Options menus in it. The main interface of the application has Tweaks, Cleaner, Startup and Context Menu tabs. Now, there are some new Action-Center related tweaks related to notification settings of Antivirus, Firewall, UAC, etc.

Tweak Me!

The Startup tab lets you add and remove application from the Windows Startup, while the Content-menu tab allows you to individually edit the Everywhere, Directories, Drives and Desktop Wallpaper context menus.

Tweak Me! Context Menu

Select Tweak Me! from the top-left corner and select SSD Optimization or Fixes to optimize your system. The Fixes tab offers tweaks for System Files, Boot Defragmentation, Prefetch, Superfetch, Hibernation and Burning Function.

Tweak Me! Fixes

The Options menu lets you choose if you want to create a System Restore point at the application launch, allowing you to undo any changes made to the system. Tweak Me! works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Tweak Me!

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