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Navigating Chrome’s history page to find a particular link is not always a pleasant experience. History Timeline, a Chrome extension, allows users to conveniently find links by replacing the default history page with an interactive timeline view. Tabs that are opened simultaneously appear side by side in the timeline, and each domain comes with a different color. Additionally, page visits have a start time and an end time as well, which can help users to track the time they spend on each website.

Finding a link in Chrome’s original history page can be a hassle, as the page is quite cluttered without any spacing between individual links. History Timeline gives users a neat interface with links, which are sufficiently spaced out, with start and end times. This extension can also come in handy if you want to track the time you spend on each website. Links that were visited simultaneously are arranged side by side, and sites from the same domain have the same color, making it easier to find a particular link.


With this extension you can browse your history in an elegant way. The color feature allows you to find websites more quickly, without having to look through unending lists. It lets you browse history by date and domain; however, the extension is still in beta, and you may not be able to edit, group or delete items. The developer expects to add these features in upcoming versions.

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