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There are many tools out there that let you test the load time and performance of your websites, but most of them are quite advanced and complex to use. Page Speed Test, a simple Chrome extension, tracks the loading speed of websites over a period time. The extension displays a timeline of navigation and page load events for the current page, and a historical chart of page load time for all visits to a particular website. Page Speed Test gives accurate and detailed navigation and page load time results. It offers users with graphical representations of the Page load time, Network latency and Total, which can be quite useful for web developers who might want to check the performance of their website and compare it with other popular ones.

When browsing the web, simply click the button in the toolbar to view graphical representations for any website, with graphs for Network Latency, Page Load and Total. The date & time are displayed on the x-axis, whereas the Navigation and load time is displayed on the y-axis in milliseconds. Furthermore, it also tells you whether you got the webpage by reloading or clicking a link.


Additionally, the extension offers users with a timeline of navigation and page load events for each visit to the page. You will also be able to view the events that were unable to occur, these are displayed below the timeline.


This is a small but useful extension that can especially come in handy for web developers and webmasters, who would like to test and compare the performance of their websites against others.

Install Page Speed Test For Google Chrome

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