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Previously, we have covered a lot of clipboard managers, such as ClipX, Ace Clipboard and Free Clipboard Manager, all with their unique functionalities like managing clipboard entries through hotkeys and saving clipboard items & screenshots. Ethervane Echo is a portable clipboard manager that keeps track of your clipboard history without interfering with the default Windows clipboard. Unlike other clipboard managers, it automatically sorts the clipboard entries into different tabs, such as Default, Sticky, Used, Last hour, URLs etc., allowing you to quickly access the required clipboard entries. It allows you to select and mark the important clipboard entries as Sticky, edit entries both inside the manager and in an external text editor, and search for a particular entry using the built-in search function.

Once extracted and executed, the application will quietly run in your system tray and can be accessed by simply clicking its icon. Right-clicking it allows you to Restore the application main window, Clear the Clipboard, toggle Connect to Clipboard and Exit the application.

Ethervane Echo System Tray

The main interface of Ethervane Echo is pretty neat and easy to navigate around. There are Echo, Edit, Navigate, New and Tools menus available at the top, while Default, Sticky, Used, Last Hour, Short, URLs, Browsers and All Clips tabs appear below the clipboard entries. A search bar is available at the bottom, allowing you to quickly search for the required entry. Information about the number of clipboard entries can be viewed in the lower-most bar.

Ethervane Echo (portable)

Each tab at the bottom shows different kinds of clipboard entries. In my experience, Default and ALL CLIPS showed all the entries, Sticky showed only the entries marked as Sticky, Used showed the entries which were pasted somewhere, Last Hour showed entries copied in the last one hour, Short showed nothing, URLs showed only the copied website links, and Browsers showed items copied from browsers.

Ethervane Echo (portable) URLS

Right-clicking on any entry allows you to access options, such as Paste (All Formats), Paste (Text Only), Copy, Edit (Inplace), Edit (External), Sticky, Delete, etc.

Ethervane Echo (portable) Right CLick

Ethervane Echo has a limitation, in that it only captures text, and no screenshots or other data would be captured by the application. It works on all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Download Ethervane Echo

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