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CashBook is a free Mac app that helps you manage your daily expenses; it isn’t one of those super apps that will tell which stocks to invest in, and when it is a good time to invest in a house or buy a new car. The app is simply a good way to manage finances if you aren’t very good at keeping track of money, and don’t want anything overly complicated. The app lets you manage money in different accounts, letting you add as many accounts and expense heads as you like, and simply putting down expenditures and deposits as they happen under one of the available categories.

The app is divided into two panels, with the top panel always showing a graphical representation and a table format of the expenses you’ve entered. The lower panel is where you add or edit the items from.


The best way to get started, is to first check if the pre-defined categories will satisfy you, or if you need to add new ones. You can add new ones any time, but for smoother operation, check before you start. Click the cog wheel next to the search bar, and in the window that opens, add accounts and categories.


The app works on a simple principle, if you add an amount, it will be added to the total balance of the account you add it to. Pre-entered accounts are Bank and Cash. If you precede an amount with a minus sign, it will be treated as a deduction; otherwise, it will be added to the total of the account. To add an amount or deduct an expense, choose an account from the lower panel, pick a category, enter an amount and hit return.

Screen Shot 2011-12-29 at 4.38.47 PM

The entry will appear in the panel above, under the account head you entered it in. You can select an entry and edit it from the top panel, and add comments to it. If you want to keep your finances super secret, you can lock a CashBook with a password. To set a password, go to File > Change Password. The slightly annoying part of the app? When you close it, you will be subject to a 2 second window displaying FileMaker promo.

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