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Apple never liked Flash much, and it pretty much won the battle in the end when Adobe officially said it would no longer develop Flash. However, that doesn’t mean everything else will automatically convert to HTML5 on its own, and YouTube is just one of those things that are frequently used by an overwhelming number of people. The main reason Flash remained forever banished from Apple’s products is that it was a power hungry, resource consuming platform, and though it may not have any newer versions, its current ones will continue to kill a fully charged laptop’s battery. MediaTube is a free Mac app that lets you search, view and download YouTube videos. While that description probably made you go ‘meh’, you might appreciate it more knowing that this app saves you from using Flash when you view YouTube in your web browser. The app itself presents a great interface, somewhat in likeness to iTunes; it lists recently viewed videos, suggests videos based on search trends when you type in the search bar, and can download a video in MP3 format.

Media controls, seek bar, volume control and search bar are all located at the top, while search results, recently viewed videos and related videos are listed in a panel on the left. Search results in the panel do not have thumbnail previews, and are also displayed in an iTunes library-like format just above the video viewer, complete with thumbnails. Click on any one of the results to play the video.


To search for a video, type in the search bar as you would normally type in YouTube’s search, and you will see suggestions based on trending searches.

MediaTube search

The app has an excellent full screen view, as well. To switch to full screen, hit Command + F. You can see playback controls when you mouse over the lower part of the screen. Mouse over the top of the screen in full screen mode, and you will see search four tabs; Favorites, Search, Recent and Related. Select a tab to view videos from it, and the listed videos will appear in a horizontal panel just above the video that’s currently playing. The panel disappears when you move the mouse pointer away.

MediaTube fullscreen

By default, the app lists 20 search results – 10 recently viewed videos and 20 related videos. You can change this from the app’s preferences.

MediaTube preferences

To download a song as MP3, click Download in the System Menu Bar or hit Command + D to download the current video as MP3, but it will first require you to download YouTube to MP3 Converter by the same developer. The download feature probably isn’t what’s going to impress you, but the app’s interface, the full screen viewer and the fact that it lets you sidestep Flash and save precious battery on your laptop.

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