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FMyLife.com is one of the most visited websites in the world. As the service itself proudly boasts, it is among the best time-killers and productivity inhibitors around today. People can spend hours each week, going through the funny mishaps and anecdotes shared by users of FML. So, what can be better than having an official app from your favorite website. FML has had a Windows Phone 7 app for quite a long time, but now the app has gone Mango, and a few performance issues have been addressed as well, making the FML app just about perfect.

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If you have an account on the web service of FMyLife, you can use that to log into the app, or you can use the app to sign up for the service. You can use FML without having an account, but registering for an account makes the whole experience even better. To read shares from other users, you can browse through the app’s collection in a variety of ways. At the start up of the app, there is the Top FMLs category, where you can see the shares liked the most by other users. The posts here can be further sorted based on their timeline. There is the all-time best section, as well as monthly and daily toppers. The Flops section lists shares with the least amount of votes and likes. If you are just in the mood of reading a mixture of everything, there is the Random section for that.

Every FML anecdote must fall in one of the listed genres. This is for the reason that other users can later view FMLs related to a particular topic, like Kids, Work and other similar areas of everyday life. You can vote for any FML, even without an account. The voting system is pretty unique, and instead of a mere like, you have to choose between I agree, your life sucks and you totally deserved it. Each FML can be shared via email or SMS. To add a comment to a post, you will need to have an account, and managing favorites can be done via signing in as well. All FML users, who have signed up for the service, can make their own submissions via the app, as long as they choose a category to list their post under.

The app, like the service itself, is completely free, and can be downloaded from the Web Marketplace link below.

Editor’s note:Please bear in mind that the content on FML can be, and is, age-sensitive, since users share all kinds of anecdotes falling particularly under the category of intimacy. User discretion is advised.

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